Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Five: Finds for Fall

Before I begin, can we acknowledge and appreciate the alliteration in this post’s title?  I love alliteration.  I also love irony, and a good word pun.  Alright, moving on

In keeping with my determination to write more, I’m kicking off a series called “Friday Five.”  This concept isn’t new, but it’s new to me.  Each Friday, I’ll share five things- they may be tangible things, or they may be thoughts.  This week I’m sharing five items I’m loving this Fall, because here in New England, Fall can come fast, and it can also be fleeting.  Here’s to enjoying Fall while it lasts.

friday five finds for fall

  1. "Wicked, Good" Fortune Cookie Soap  This fortune cookie shaped "bar" of soap smells like pumpkin and cinnamon and all those other overly sweet, migraine-inducing scents.  Personally, pumpkin is the one scent with which I prefer not to fill my house by way of a three wick candle.  With that said however, a festive hand washing won't hurt.  And, living in Vermont, I'm pretty sure I'm required to try it.  I'm not from New England, but I've lived here long enough to know that when someone says it's "Wicked Good," you try it.

  2. Thick Knit Headband Ear Warmer by AquaGiraffe  I've been following Kimberly Rae of AquaGiraffe for a short while.  She makes great-looking, affordable jewelry.  Truth is, my life in the country is just not fancy enough for statement necklaces, but it is most certainly cold enough for her new knit ear warmers.  These machine-washable (lay flat to dry), cozy headbands are available in cream, charcoal, black, and my favorite, Alaskan Malamute Dog Hair Camouflage!  Just kidding, it's called oatmeal.  But seriously, that's the color I ordered.  And that is why.

  3. Soup and Cracker Bowl by Hertzpottery  Cold weather calls for hot soup, and thanks to a good friend's cooking skills and entrepreneurship, I get to enjoy a new soup each week through the Fall and Winter.  This stoneware pottery soup and cracker bowl is perfect for all possible pairings of the hot and crunchy.  Importantly, It's microwave and dishwasher safe.  I know I'm not the only one who sees "hand wash only" as a deal-breaker. 

  4. Women's Crescent Sunset Full Zip by The North Face  The fleece jacket is an essential part of the Autumn in Vermont "uniform" for both men and women.  This jacket is very similar to the Patagonia Better Sweater, at a more affordable price point. The material looks like a knit sweater from the outside, but inside it feels like traditional fleece.  It's warm and cozy, and again, dog hair camouflage.  The only thing it's lacking is zippers on the pockets.

  5. Colorado Aspens Fine Art Print by Julie Kate Photography  Just like I'm not one to fill the home with pumpkin and cinnamon scents, you also won't find me scattering those same things and pine cones around the house.  Fall is beautiful, and it's right outside my window.  What is no longer outside my window however, is the view of Colorado Aspens.  I was lucky enough to see them turn yellow in the Rocky Mountains three years in a row.  Of all the fall tree colors I've ever seen, the bright, sunshine-yellow aspens are my favorite.  This is my kind of seasonal decor.
I hope you enjoyed my first Friday Five.  Please know that this is not a sponsored post.  I receive no compensation for mentioning these items.  All opinions are my own.

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