Monday, October 21, 2013

Little Girl's Purse

A friend's daughter recently celebrated her third birthday.  As a handbag lover, I believe it's never too early for a girl's first handbag!  So for her gift, I searched the web for a cute, simple bag to make and found the Kid's Messenger Bag Tutorial by Zaaberry.

The size and simple design made it the perfect pick.  I made the bag body with my usual canvas, and used coordinating cottons for the lining, flap, and strap.

I made two additions to the original tutorial:  a hook and loop closure, and instead of attaching the strap at a fixed length, I added a D-ring to make the bag convertible from cross-body messenger style to an over-the-shoulder purse.  I'm happy with the changes, and I especially like the added bow detail.

Birthday girl's mom reported, "She stuffed it with Barbies and brought it to dinner!" -Another happy "customer" !

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